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Estepona (adventure) Hiking

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So, we want to go out for a hike. Sunny Saturday, no clouds at all. 16 degrees but a feeling of 22, a blessing for a Dutchie in November!

Picked a route on routeyou on walking distance, because we still did not find any reason to hire a car during our stay in Estepona. This means the walking from Old town to our starting point and vice versa is not included in the 9 km we chose. All-in it was about 14 kilometers.

Nice start, walking on the bridge going over the highway. Seeing Estepona from above. Walking away with the routeyou app, finding our way easily at the beginning. Soon the path seemed to lead through someone’s property, normally we would not go further, but because the routeyou app shows it so clearly, we continue. After a while the path is just a very narrow flattened bamboo, right next a high fence. Doesn’t look like a walking path at all, but hey? Let´s move on.

Later on, it really looks like someone’s garden, now also some barking dogs are involved. We had to open a fenced gate quickly before the dogs run down the hill, where we also spot a not so amused youngster, to find another amateurish fence a few steps further, now closed with a rope. We decide to untie and tie the rope after us, walk further although it does feel like we are on private property.

Maybe we were lucky and the rope means we just got out.
We arrive in some kind of bamboo jungle and see nice waters and runlets. About halfway through our route suddenly changes to a real climbing adventure. Not a path, not suited for anyone at all… Through stinging branches we follow the ¨route¨ which feels like a puzzle and a machete would have come in handy… Because we’ve got some fresh holes in our clothing.
On one point we had to climb via a big and slippery rock, well, were we still on track? What fool made this route?

Estepona (adventure) Hiking 2

After a few steep climbs and descends, we get blown away with stunning views to Gibraltar &Morocco.

So, we feel like we would never have done this route if we had known what was to come, but we are grateful for not giving up, and relieved to see the bridge where we started.
Curious about this route? Don´t say we did not warn you, you can get lost, hurt, perhaps both. But: some spots are accessible by car, so you could do just a more convenient part of this route.

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Estepona Hiking Gibraltar view
Stunning views to Gibraltar & Morocco

Here´s the link. Or PDF From Old Town centre: 14,5 km approx 4 hours

For hikers I recommend the nice ‘Camino de Nicola’ which starts at the crossing of AP7 with river Rio de Velerin. This is also the start point of five mountainbike routes over the hills below Monte Reales.

To get there by car from Estepona downtown take A7 to Marbella and exit at Laguna Village. Pass the tunnel under the A7 and pass Aldi. On the right turn into Camino de Alberdixa. At any road split take the right lane until you have crossed the river El Castor at a ford. 100m behind the ford turn left into Camino de Nicola and follow this well paved road uphill until it wants to go fast downhill just in front of the AP7. There park the car on the right besides Finca Los Pinos. Go back 20 m and turn sharply right into the dirt road which is marked ‘Camino de Nicola Alta’. Cross the AP7 on a pedestrian bridge and follow the dirt road to the left uphills. For further directions see Tour 29 on the Andalucia part of my website “”. For this walk plan for 5 hours. It is fully situated on Estepona ground and use mountain boots.

If you are not familiar in the eastern hinterland of Estepona, please have a look at “”, position at Estepona Las Lomas and zoom in to 1000 feet.

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El Paraiso Golf

Holes: 18, Par 71.Mooie natuur, ontworpen door Gary Player, uitdaging voor alle niveaus, mooie uitzichten. Geopend in 1973. Contact : El Paraiso Club de Golf, 29600 Estepona Tel. 952883835, Fax. 952885827

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