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If you want to rent a car at Malaga airport: look no further.

With connecting flight times – also check the avanzabus. That is a great fast and economical way to get from Malaga in Estepona. But not at any time of the day.

Prefer to rent a car from Malaga to Estepona?

Good experience 2023: Again 2 times with Esteponacar – car picked up near the exit of Malaga Airport, returned after 3 days downstairs at the port. Perfect service.
Meanwhile also good experiences with https://www.cargest.com/nl.

Car Rental Malaga

Do you want to rent a car at Malaga Airport? Find the best prices with our promo code CAR4ESTEP.

  • Book without a credit card
  • 24/7 car rental
  • Free airport transfer ⇄ office
  • Pay only on arrival
  • New vehicles
  • No hidden extras

Good experience 2022: https://esteponacar.com/ Pick up in Malaga and if you want you can drop off in Estepona Puerto.
Ideal if you need the car for transport from airport to Estepona and for example the first groceries. Handy if you don’t actually need a car.

In 2020 good experiences with https://www.holacarrent.com but the last time the car was not available – telephone contact is therefore advisable.



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