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Let me tell you about a little Estepona area secret!

The Bee Guru’s Apprentice.

100% Pure Raw Honey from the Sierra de Ronda made from Orange and lemon blossom, eucalyptus, Spear mint and all the wild flowers over the Sierra de Ronda. Our honey is tested and certified pure and contains no traces of glyphosphates, insecticides, pesticides or refined sugar. Helps against allergies such as Hay fever and Asthma and is an ideal replacement to sugar. We do not heat treat or filter our honey, nor do we feed our bees sugar water which is why it is certified pure. Raw honey from the hive to the jar.

12 euros per kilo jar delivered to your door or anywhere on the Costa del sol.

The Bee Guru’s Apprentice group is all about bees, bee conservation and awareness, bee keeping and the by products, (wax & honey). I would like to ask everyone to keep all posts related to this topic. I’ll be showing you videos on how i capture bee colonies, re hiving and general bee keeping. Follow me through a season of bee keeping from capturing a swarm, to harvesting the honey. My aim is to raise awareness of the dwindling bee population worldwide, and also provide help, tips and information for anyone wanting to keep bees or just generally interested.

Website coming soon. Order your pure honey now!

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This is also a great way to stay in touch to find out when we have honey available, which is at various times through the year.



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