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Fish lovers!
You should not miss this if you are in the hour of Estepona: right at the fishing port of Estepona, is ‘the place to be’. Thanks to this perfect location near the port, they work closely with local fishermen at La Escollera and can be among the first to select their fish immediately after the catch.
The fish they work with here – and which is prepared in different ways – is fresher than fresh. And you can taste it!

They don’t make reservations, go on time and wait for spanish with a drink all around among the many locals until they call you for a table. Behold the scene that has been taking place here for more than 80 years, a buzz of smooth waiters, Spanish buzz and lots of fresh fish.

C. Puerto Pesquero, 10, 29680 Estepona
+34 952 80 63 54



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