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3 Kings is the 1st big party of the year in Estepona with procession in the center.
January 5. In Estepona, January 5 is full of activities for children. At 12:00 a children’s party will be held in the Palace for Exhibitions and Congresses. In the afternoon, from 17:00, the Grand Parade of the Three Kings passes through the central streets of Estepona and hands out tons of sweets in a festive and colorful atmosphere, accompanied by musical bands.

Here are the following feasts for Estepona:

February or March – Carnival Estepona
Carnival in Estepona is celebrated with great fun and a good mood, costume contests and performances of carnival groups (Chirigotas).

Semana Santa 2024 Estepona Malaga

Semana Santa Malaga 2024: Sunday 24 March to Sunday 31 March (Easter Day).

If you are looking for a traditional religious experience, then you should visit Andalusia during Semana Santa.
Semana Santa’s dates vary each year depending on when Easter takes place. Semana Santa starts on Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter Sunday, and lasts until Easter Saturday, and in some cities until Easter Sunday.

From Thursday to Easter Sunday
The Holy Week in Estepona is experienced with great intensity. On Monday afternoon a procession of children leaves. On Good Friday, the longest procession takes place, with a total of five thrones, with the particularity that one of them is carried by women.

Around May 1st CRUCES DE MAYO Estepona
The party is at the very end of April or beginning of May. Often it is on the Sunday closest to May 1. It’s actually more than a festival – it’s also a competition, with Catholic hermandades (fraternities) and neighborhood associations competing for the prizes for the most beautifully decorated cross of the Ayuntamiento (the town hall).

15 May – San Isidro Labrador (“Romeria”= pilgrimage)

The festivals of San Isidro de Estepona are probably the most popular in this municipality, along with the fair in July. This festival has recently been declared a tourist interest. The streets of the old town are covered with ferns and palm trees and the houses are decorated with farm products and pots; There are thatched huts set up where you can enjoy typical dishes and a cold beer in the shade. In the afternoon there is a parade of decorated country cars. Prior to this date, the Romería de San Isidro takes place on May 7, where families and friends spend a day in Los Pedregales Park, with typical food, music and dance.

23 June/24 June – San Juan

In the night of 23 to 24 June, bonfires and parties flood the beaches of Estepona. It’s time to prepare for summer and the longest day of the year.

San Juan Estepona

Medieval market of Esteponaduring the month of June, usually at the end of the month. It is organized on the coast and is quite popular.

First week July –Feria of Estepona party week (Salida 155 Estepona.)

Feria Estepona 2024: 2-7 July 2024

For a week, work life in this city is almost completely at a standstill, as a very high percentage of the population throws itself completely into celebrating the Fair. During the day there are countless bars open, there is a lot of color in the streets where residents and visitors come together to enjoy manzanilla wine, music and dance. In the evening, the fun moves to the fairgrounds, with numerous stands and attractions for all ages.
For almost a week, the city is shrouded in music, color, dance, parades with floats and folklore shows. The fair is divided into two parts: day and night.

  • During the day there are numerous bars open and there is a lot of color in the streets where locals and visitors gather to enjoy manzanilla wine, music and dance.
  • In the evening, the fun moves to the Recinto Ferial, with numerous stalls and attractions for all ages.

At the gala opening of the fair, one of the most long-awaited activities takes place: the opening speech and the coronation of the Queen, the ladies of the child, youth and third ages. Days later, on Saturday evening, the traditional procession of horse-drawn carriages takes place to let the queen and the ladies of the fair take a ride.

16 July – Virgen del Carmen

In all the municipalities of the Costa del Sol, the Virgen del Carmen is celebrated on July 16, the patron saint of sailors. The Virgin is carried through the streets and the promenade and then taken to the sea to, accompanied by countless boats.

  • The feast of the Virgen del Carmen is on July 16 in Estepona.
    She is the patron saint of sailors and numerous celebrations take place along the entire Costa del Sol.
  • On the afternoon of July 16, the effigy of the Virgin is carried in procession through the historic center of Estepona, and then blesses the waters of the sea and performs a beautiful sailor’s pilgrimage, accompanied by several boats.

Weekend in July – Medieval Market in Estepona (old town).

During the month of August, on the occasion of the celebration of Tourism Day, the delegate for tourism organized events for the enjoyment of the visitors. It is the intention that both the tourists who visit Estepona and the people of Estepona enjoy this very special day, and that with name the visitors bring a pleasant memory of one time. The event program reported every year and can deliver parades, concerts, flowers, publish tastings of local products or flamenco shows.

Halloween is celebrated in Estepona in the last week of October with events, costume contests and a dark setting. Several places like Selwo offer themed visits and offers for children in costumes.

October 12 is a public holiday in Estepona because it is Hispanic Day , also known as Pilar Day.

The Estepona fair held on 4 and 5 November, known as the Estepona Home Fair Costa del Sol , is held from 10:00 to 18:00 and focuses mainly on Belgian and Dutch residents who own or want to buy a property. From decoration, construction, architects, financing… everything you need to buy a house on the Costa del Sol.

Christmas in Estepona : In the center of the town there is a Christmas atmosphere with performances by choirs and pastorales; Bethlehem, Christmas concert, Christmas candy contest and Christmas market until January 5.

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