Covid 19 measures in Estepona and La Fragata

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Andalusia offers all non-resident international travelers a free Covid insurance for stay in any kind of regulated institution in the region between January 1 and December 31, 2021.

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Andalusia (Update 30 April 2021)

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LockdownRegional. Also local lockdowns (depending on corona incidence)
CurfewBetween 11 p.m. and 6 a.m.
CateringOpen until 11pm. Interior (75%) exterior (100%)
ShopsOpen until 22.30h.
Mandatory face masksYes, always regardless of the 1.5 m distance
GroupsMax. 6 pers. exterior, 4 pers. interior (home)

I.v.m. the measures for Covid-19:

Wash your hands regularly well with soap.
Cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow
Use paper tissues and throw them away immediately (not in toilet)

Ventilate the apartment regularly, pay attention to use then no air conditioning.

We have done the cleaning of the apartment as carefully as possible using certified cleaning products. Surfaces are disinfected.

If you use your own disinfection wipes do not throw them in the toilet this clogs the drain!

All measures are based on the knowledge of facts of the moment of course subject to changes by the CCAES (Spanish RVIM) then we will adjust this immediately.

For the time being, the only measure in the La Fragata complex is that the capacity of the swimming pool has been temporarily adjusted (max 75%) this means that with us a maximum of 48 people at a time. If you look at the pool, you will experience that in 10 years there have never been 48 people in the pool at the same time 😉 For the time being instead of not sunbathing by the pool, there are temporarily no sunbeds. Also please no materials in the pool. In the sea and on the beach there is of course plenty of room for this.

On average, this is 0-12 people at a time. Often there is only 1 family.
The pool is spacious, keeping your distance is not a problem.

There is plenty of space on the beaches. There are 2 beaches within walking distance. People ask if you want to wear slippers or footwear at facilities (the showers, beach bars, walkways)

Since mid-July 2020, face masks have been mandatory on the street and public areas as a precautionary measure in, among other things, Andalusia. Even if you can keep a distance of 1.5 meters. It is what it is. It won’t be as bad as it might sound during a stay in Estepona.

Beach is simple, lie / sit, fine, no mouth mask, do you go for a walk, mouth mask 😷
For the catering industry: you live under the same roof, so you can sit together at the table without a mouth mask.

The summer holidays 2020 was for everyone adjusting, wearing the masks, first only in the stores. Also consciously choosing a “different” type of holiday, longer day on the beach, more often on a terrace or restaurant, a secluded bay instead of a busy beach, what more often at home on your own terrace or in the lovely pool) …
There are and remain plenty of opportunities to escape this “craziness” and still enjoy a wonderful holiday under the sun ☀️ if you want to. The average holiday time can easily be 90% without a face mask.

The caps from the supermarket have been tested, those of the Mercadonna breathe easier than those of the Lidl.
For example, you can buy trendy face masks at
Or make them yourself from thin cotton.

Rules change in Spain as in the rest of the world sometimes shortly before. If you want to stay informed, a tip is to follow our NL ambassador on Facebook. He writes an extensive update every week and all information is 100% checked for facts. This is also our source.

Useful to keep a close eye on the BZ travel advice. More detailed information can be found in the post at the top of the Facebook page ‘Dutch embassy in Spain’ There you will also find the telephone numbers of the different Spanish regions that you can call if you have symptoms that may indicate COVID19.

You can also read more about the form you need to fill in if you travel to Spain by plane or by boat. You can also ask questions there, although I hope for your understanding that the embassy is not in a position to answer questions about specific beaches, museums, bars and restaurants in all Spanish regions. For this it can be useful to look at the various websites and Facebook pages of and for Dutch speakers in specific regions in Spain (examples of this can also be found on the above-mentioned page). Many stories and experiences are also shared there.

Test policy update:

Adjustments to the test obligation to travel to the Netherlands
As of 3 March, the rules regarding the Covid testing obligation will be extended for travellers travelling to the Netherlands by plane, ship, bus or train from a high-risk area. Travelers can choose from one of the following two options:

1. A single negative NAAT(PCR) test (see below for the permitted types of tests) of up to 12 hours old on departure; OR:
2. A double test: 1) a negative NAAT(PCR) test (see below for the permitted types of tests) of up to 72 hours old on arrival, plus 2) a negative rapid test of up to 4 hours old on departure.

Permitted tests
– LAMP (Loop-mediated Isothermal Amplification)
– TMA (Transcription-mediated Amplification)
– mPOCT (Molecular Point-of-care test)
– NAAT (Nucleic-acid Amplification Test)



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