Estepona Jardin del Costa del Sol

More than 16,000 copies for the ‘tree plan’ to make Estepona a sustainable city.

Estepona City Council reports that the Árbol Plan Tree ’municipal project has already reached 16,423 trees since it was launched in 2012 to promote a more environmentally friendly city. In particular, the Consistory has planted a total of 4,123 specimens in the past year – mostly leafy or shady trees such as tipuanas, jacarandas, ficus, cypresses, poplars, pines or pines, as well as palms – an important step forward in the work done by the city council to promote a city with a better quality of life.

“Tree plan” not only means decorating different parts of the city, but also has many other advantages, such as: the oxygenation of the affected places, the temperatures are softened and the remediation. The deputy mayor of the Services area, Blas Ruzafa, emphasized that this tree has turned the city of Estepona into a more habitable environment with many other benefits such as air purification, absorbent odors and polluting gases. In the same way, trees help to save water because trees reduce the evaporation of grasslands or also help prevent soil erosion and reduce drainage, among other things. Since 2012, the city council has been working on initiatives to promote a more livable and sustainable city. In this sense, it should be recalled that the Estepona Garden of the Costa del Sol project has been carried out, which has renovated and embellished thousands of plants in more than 120 streets of the municipality, creating a green space for pedestrians. Finally, the municipal official recalled that the city council is continuing the ‘A tree, a life’ initiative with which the children of the city can sponsor or sponsor a copy with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of preserving our environment.

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