Caminito del Rey

Estepona Hiking

Buy your ticket on time :

Check the weather conditions before departure, if the route is closed then you can reschedule it.

Tip:Park your car at the end point – at El Chorro (acceso Sur)

restaurant el kiosco

A good tip is to use the toilet in this restaurant and to possibly buy something in drinks or food because from this location there are no more toilets and or restaurants until after the walk. and that’s only about 3 hours later.

1st entrance to entrance caminito del rey, king’s path


Then follow the steps Caminito del rey. this takes you via a walking path through a pine forest of about half an hour walk (2.7 km) at also the entrance of the king’s path where ticket control takes place.

2nd entrance to entrance caminito del rey, king path:

The second option is a slightly faster route, shorter of about 20 minutes to the entrance of the king’s path.  however, this time you will have to go through a dark tunnel of 300 meters long.

for this second option you do not immediately take the exit after the restaurant but continue to walk on the main street. after about 3 mnuten walk you will see on the left side of the road a sign with a reference of 1.5 km to Caminito del rey. you can see that a tunnel has been built through the mountain there. this tunnel is 300 meters long.

caminito del rey
on the left side on the hooftstraat a few minutes after restaurant EL KIOSKO

300 meter long dark tunnel right through the mountain. is shorter.
So either you take option 1 through the forest, or you take option 2, faster and through this tunnel.

Eventually you will arrive at the entrance. see photo below.

na 30 minuten lopen komen we bij de ingang, kaartjescontrole
after 30 minutes of walking we arrive at the entrance, ticket control

how does the walk run ?

The walk runs down through the gorge from the north, 2.9 km long. you can’t walk back !!. once you arrive at the end of the walk you will arrive at the reservoir and train station EL CHORRO.

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