Architect Salvador Moreno Peralta to open Estepona to the sea


The Malaga architect plans a large pedestrian area with a stepped terrace and a lookout tower that will also be a social and cultural center on more than 15,000 square meters of land.

The modern Estepona of the future is already being conceived. The upcoming project for the construction of a large open pedestrian area next to the port of Estepona, which will connect the Avenida de España and the Pedro Manrique promenade, will promote a new model of city that will culminate in the continuity of the seafront as a balcony and a permanent viewpoint overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

The project, designed by the Malaga architect Salvador Moreno Peralta, covers the triangular plot adjacent to the mound of the Punta Dehesa Lighthouse, between the fishermen’s quarter and the Rada beach, on the seafront, where the developer Prasa began to build a 22,000 square meter hotel that was finally halted and demolished in 2007, for occupying an area of public maritime land domain. After the approval of the new PGOU of Estepona, the site was classified as General System SG-R3.SU and destined for sociocultural and commercial use in line with the environment.

Thus, the area of action will comprise a total of 15,441 square meters. On the one hand, a pedestrian area will be created with public squares and parks staggered between the avenue and the current promenade, as it will take advantage of the large existing slope to the beach and placing in this location the commercial and catering premises.

Architect Salvador Moreno Peralta to open Estepona to the sea 1

The roof of the building will be dominated by a lookout tower of about 50 meters high and more than 10 floors that will become a multipurpose space for the versatility of social and cultural uses that will allow, among them, library, exhibition hall, conservatory or training classrooms; being also a unique element for its design and functionality. It will be accessible from the promenade or the avenue.

The façade of the building will be wrapped in Ferrari’s patented STAMISOL FT 381 textile, made of vinyl, polyester and acrylic, and will be supported by an auxiliary structure of concave and convex arches. The membrane offers high resistance to atmospheric agents and excellent thermal control, absorbing more than 60% of UVA rays and allowing high transparency to the outside without glare and a certain opacity to the inside.

As for the traffic that runs along the avenue, these works will not affect the urban or interurban transport lines, which run through other areas or alternatives, the same applies to access to private parking lots, which have another entrance. This modern Estepona will consolidate and enhance the urban and architectural value of the fishermen’s quarter, which is located above the level of the avenue and which confers a unique and genuine character to this section.

Architect Salvador Moreno Peralta to open Estepona to the sea 2
The total cost of the drafting of the project and of the works amounts to 14 million euros. The idea is that the works, with a completion period of less than two years, will begin in September or October. “This is a major project that will create an area of urban centrality that will not only benefit Estepona as a whole, but also the entire Costa del Sol,” said Moreno Peralta.



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