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Meet the local restaurants. tapas bars and chringuitos. Enjoy!

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Come to Estepona and marvel. Never before have we visited a spanish town right on the coast where it was still authentically Spanish. Instantly in love and touched by the atmosphere and the charming appearance, the beautiful light and the long beaches.

That’s what you want to see and experience! That’s why we now have a place to collect everything about this place. So you’ll only have to be in one place to stay informed. Follow us. Visit us.

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Meet the local restaurants. tapas bars and chringuitos. Enjoy!

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We collect the best excursions and nicest places. Plan & Visit Estepona with us
Driekoningen parade Estepona

Feria & Festivals in Malaga provincie 2020

3 Kings was a big party with a parade in the center. Hereby the following parties for Estepona: All parties in Malaga province 2020: Download PDF


2nd INTERNATIONAL MURALS CONTEST of Estepona... if you are interested in participating, check the contest rules in this link: 2nd INTERNATIONAL MURALS CONTEST OF ESTEPONA CONTEST RULES This contest has been created for young artists aged...
Poetry Estepona route

Poetry Estepona route

Find them all in the most beautiful places in the city.
habbility Estepona Belin

Art in Estepona

On Monday December 16 the 'Habbility' art exhibition starts at the Exhibition and Congress Palace in Estepona. Recognized artists will participate internationally in this exhibition, which will remain open to the public until January 3. Among the makers who will...
Fiets huren in Estepona

Rent a bike in Estepona

What does a Dutch person do in Estepona? He rents a bicycle. And that's also possible in Estepona, in the middle of the center you will find Costa Bike. Also a tip if you get a Benidorm bastard for a visit, then we rent a Mobility scooter. Explore the SendaLiteroral...
Nature in Estepona (Flora & Fauna) 4

Nature in Estepona (Flora & Fauna)

The coast of Málaga is home to the greatest biodiversity in the Mediterranean and in the European seas. This is because this is a strategic biogeographical site with many species from the European part of the Atlantic, Mediterranean species, as well as those from the...
Aloe Vera 5

Aloe Vera

Come and visit the Santaverde Finca In the hills of Estepona, you can find out everything you have ever wanted to know about the organic cultivation, harvesting and processing of the medicinal Aloe plant. In the harvest periods from September to December, and also...

Estepona Golf

Ho Contact : Arroyo Vaquero, Ctra de Cadiz 150, Aptdo 532, Estepona Tel. 952937605, Fax. 952937600
Estepona zandstrand Rada

Most beautiful beaches in and around Estepona

Tapas, zon, zee en strand. Over de schitterende bergen en binnenstad lees je uiteraard ook op #VisitEstepona. We maken een topTapas, sun, sea and beach. Of course you can also read about the beautiful mountains and downtown on #VisitEstepona. 10 van de stranden in...
Sierra Bermeja 6

Sierra Bermeja
Estepona is located in a fertile valley at the foot of the Bermejo Mountains. This place has about 325 days of sunshine per year, significantly above average for the region. Estepona is known as the garden of the Costa del Sol for a reason. You can already see it at the 1st roundabout, an opulence of jasmine and orange blossom, parks and green hiking trails full of flowers and palm trees. Charming squares and squares full of orange trees. Fertility is largely due to the unique position in the middle of a valley where countless streams flow from the Sierra Bermeja. Estepona, with a history back to the 4th century. Destroyed and rebuilt several times.

More than 21 kilometres of white sandy beach that is cleaner, quieter and generally finer than the beaches of big neighbour Marbella, a pleasure marina but also a real fishing port. The fishermen still sail every day and sell their daily catch here, during the day you will find them at the fishermen’s cottages where they tie the nets. The characteristic old town – the airframe antiguo / Estepona Old Town – with neatly whitewashed houses, art on the walls and above all a sympathetic, Spanish, authentic atmosphere. Estepona is free from the adverse effects that have displaced spain’s Spanish costas. Instead, it has remained a hearty Andalusian town that slumbers peacefully in the Spanish sun. Due to its unique location in the valley with the shelter of a real mountain range up to almost 1500 meters, Estepona has its own special micro-climate. It is greener and sunnier than anywhere else on the Costa del Sol.

The town has it all, hiking in the mountains, art & culture, architecture, gastronomy. A number of shopping streets where there is something special to be found. Hardly big chains, but tapas bars and terraces interspersed with nice fashion, delicious patisserie, fruteria’s and vegetable jewellers. Be sure to visit the cosy market in the Puerto of Estepona on Sunday morning and the emblematic bell tower, the oldest ecclesiastical building on the Costa del Sol.

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